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Cherie Stroppa is our division's Indigenous Student Success Coach.
She collaborates with school staff to support the academic and social-emotional needs of our students in the senior years.  She is also a great resource for students seeking post-secondary education!

Here are some links to information on Indigenous student scholarships & bursaries:

University of Manitoba

Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology

Louis Riel Institute - Sources of Funding

Manitoba Aboriginal Health Careers

Indigenous Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship (University of Manitoba)

MADD Canada

AANDC Scholarships- Canada wide

AANDC Scholarships - Manitoba specific

Southern Network Scholarships

 Indigenous Manitoba - Scholarships

Manitoba Student Aid

How to Apply for Indian Status - AANDC

*It's that time of year where you may be asked to provide a reference letter for a student!  If you're not quite sure where to start, here's an idea to get you started! Feel free to edit/change/use as needed! Just copy & paste it into a Word document!
(A big thank you to Scott Lockhart for sharing this!)



Re: Student Award (scholarship/bursary name)

To Mr./Mrs. _______________;

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for _______________ in support of his/her application for the ____________ Award.  I have enjoyed getting to know ___________ over the years at ___________ Collegiate.  Currently I see him/her on a regular basis through my position as ______________.  He/She has evolved into the active leader that he/she is today.

____________ is a highly motivated individual whose exemplary work ethic has led to numerous successes.  He/She has maintained his/her academic courses and volunteerism. During his/her time as a student at ___________ Collegiate, ____________ has been actively involved in the following: __________________.  He/She is also extremely involved with ___________________.  In addition, ____________ plans to attend the University of ____________________ to enroll in __________________________ where he/she will continue to care for others.

Clearly, ________ is a determined, mature individual who cares for others.  He/She is extremely positive and humble, and helps out in any circumstance. He/She assists readily and without complaint, always with a sincere smile on his/her face.  ____________ is well respected by the staff and students of our school as a result of his/her welcoming nature and leadership.

For the reasons outlined above, I strongly feel that __________ is a superb candidate to receive the ___________ Award, as he/she continually makes it a priority to make a difference in the lives of others.


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